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24h Emergency Service

Sydney - 9553 0244

Kogarah, NSW

Family Owned Business

Providing Strata Management Services for two decades.

Emergency Contacts

24h Emergency Service



About Us

Absolute Strata Management

Absolute Strata Management is a family owned business that has been providing strata management services for over two decades. We were initially established after several clients approached us after being frustrated by the rapidly rising management fees for their buildings.

We felt the solution was to offer a fixed fee whilst maintaining quality service. This remains our commitment. Learn More

Emergency Contacts

All repairs should be referred to the strata manager during office hours. The following tradesman should only be contacted in the event of an emergency as callout fees may apply.

Online Portal

Get access to our online reports and published documents including your levy paid to dates, general financial details for your properties as well as lot entitlements for your properties.


Request Forms

Submit Proxy

Please note in buildings of greater than 100 lots the form must be received at least 24 hours prior to commencement of the meeting.

Update Contact Details

We can send all correspondence to a nominated address or send your levies separately to your managing agent for payment.

Repair Request

If you are the tenant of the property you should contact the rental managing agent who will forward the request to this office.

Delivering Quality Strata Management Services

Latest News

Owners Guide to Cosmetic and Minor Works

Owners Guide to Cosmetic and Minor Works

Different rules apply as to the permissions required from the owners corporation for owner works to the lot and common property depending on the nature of the renovation proposed. There is a three tier regime…

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Summary of New Legislation

There are approximately ninety changes contained in the new legislation created either through amendment or addition to the existing Act. Overall the size of the combined Act and Regulations has increased by approximately 25%. Thirty…

Strata Committee

A short guide to running the Strata Committee of the Owners Corporation

The strata committee of the owners corporation is a group which represents the lot owners. It assists in administering the day-to-day running of the strata scheme and is elected at each Annual General Meeting (AGM).…